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Gosf 2014
Is your wardrobe stacked with outmoded clothes? Need to update your gizmos? Then fear not as India’s very own Great Online ShoppingFestival (GOSF) looms near!

GOSF—Googles Online Discount Extravaganza

Great Online Shopping Festival

Many well-known brand sites are anticipating a considerable surge in traffic and revenue. A healthy dose of discounts will be offered over a two week period, which includes an ongoing Google-led online shopping festival followed by Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Affiliates are also developing how-to guides, providing tips for buyers, on how to take advantage on reductions.

GOSF allows see some of the country's top property developers the opportunity to showcase their living space projects online. Property hunters can take a virtual tour, replete with floor plans and master plans. Comparably smaller e-commerce merchants are also expecting a considerable rush of traffic; providing that they offer niche products and similar discounts.

GOSF is the embodiment of a bold new vision first introduced by Google in 2012 in order to promote online shopping. Typically, Google aims to entice first time shoppers and boost awareness about the online platform , as an alternative to conventional purchasing methods.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, are primarily a Western phenomenon, now India has its very own discount blitz extravaganza.

Gosf 2014
Google has announced that the shopping festival will run between 10 – 12th December, which is just under two weeks away. An inaugural event is to be held on the 25th of November. No doubt crowds will flock to the pre-party event, brimming with lavish expectations, hoping to catch a glimpse of what is to be on offer during the main shopping extravaganza.

Last year’s event was blighted by technical difficulties and Google will be eager to prevent a repeat of it. A day of preparedness has been scheduled before the start of the main event.

Last year’s event attracted 2 million users and over 16 million online surfers visited affiliate sites.

Online free shopping Gosf2014

Google is eager to boost consumer confidence and maintain long term sustainable growth. Modest forecasts predict that dynamic initiatives such as GOSH, will generate $15 billion dollars over the next few years. As well as domestic brand names GOSH will also host exclusive launches form such international powerhouses such as, Motorola, Lenovo, who will be showcasing the new Nexus 6 smartphone.

It should come as no surprise that Google is keen to tap into the vast reservoir of India’s e-commerce potential. It is estimated that the country has around 160 million internet users, with 86 million using internet devices on mobile devices, forty percent of which are Google searches.

14 lucky people and 14 minutes worth of FREE shopping

14 Min Free Shopping

GOSF2014 and 14 brand affiliates are giving 14 lucky people the opportunity to win, 14 minutes worth of FREE shopping, for the staggering amount of 2.5 lakh rupees. Each day offers a fresh chance to win, in completely new ways. Competitions will run from December the 9th right up to GOSF’s opening day. Lucky winners will get flown down to the venue to participate in their 14 minutes worth of shopping heaven.

In the coming years Google will become a permanent feature in India’s domestic sphere, GOSH is just a prelude of what this, commercial leviathan, is capable of manifesting.

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