Lets Know Google Chrome’s Top 5 User Extension to Improve Internet Browsing Experience.

If you are using chrome browser while browsing the internet then there are so many free extension on the chrome web store, which can improve your internet browsing experience better. So now we are going to tell you about Chrome’s five special Extensions, every users should know about them.

 1). AdBlock - to block the ads on the webpage -
 If your are browsing the Internet and going to open an important website to do your work but before that some another WebPages are displayed which are called ads can irritated you. These ads are of so many types like Ads on Torrent and video ads on YouTube. These Ads may cause problems in your work. To avoid these ads Chrome AdBlock extension can be used.

2). MightyText - 
With the help of your computer sent text messages on any Android number. It is for those who are so busy at work in your laptop that does not have any attention towards their phone. They can send messages to anywhere on any phone number with the help of this extension from their computers. Mighty text will work only when you have synchronized your phone with your PC or Laptop or Tablets. These extensions will also warn you when your phone's battery is low.

3). Disconnect -
Social, Digital and Personal Tracker keeps away from. This extension is for those who want to avoid their data to track from Google Analytics, Advertisements and social content. Google or other social Tracker track users information and use it to send Aids. The extension is for those who think that Invisible Trackers are threatening their privacy. Disconnect Extensions can be very useful for those people.

4). Personal Blocklist -
This extension lets users to decide which domain to block and which allow while surfing the web. If you should not need results from certain domains while surfing the web, then insert these domains into your personal block list. These extensions will works as a filter for users on the web. After downloading this extension, user can block videos, channels, web pages or domains according to your convenience.

5). Gmail Offline - 
This Chrome extension allows users to Check their Gmail's on offline mode. Gmail Offline extensions save the time of users in which they are online. After Online Web Browsing and news searching, this extension allows the user to check their mails in offline mode. With this extension you can compose a mail, send a mail and can arrange your mails. After all the work when user connects with the internet all the tasks get completed.
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