Everything You Need to Know About WaterSure Scheme

If you’re also facing certain difficulties paying your water bills, you can go ahead to take help from the Watersure Scheme that is specifically designed to help you pay your water bills. However, there are certain eligibility criterions you need to take care of to apply for this beneficial scheme:

 • You should be using a water meter or have applied for one. Or else, if it’s not possible to pay a water meter at your property, you should have been already paying an assessed charge.

• You need to be on certain benefits, which include Jobseeker's Allowance, Income Support, Employment and Support Allowance, Pension Credit, Housing Benefit, Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit. You or any other member of your family should be on one or more than one of these benefits. 

• You should have a high essential use of water, which means someone in your household has a serious illness which needs lots of water usage or you have three or more children in your house who are under 19 years of age and are using it as their primary home. (You can get to know about the medical conditions that make you qualify for the Watersure scheme, by calling-in the dedicated team of your water supplier at Northumbrian Water Contact Number.)

How to apply for Watersure Scheme?

You can contact your water supplier on phone (at Northumbrian Water Contact Number) and they’ll guide you forward to fill the required form. If you’re on a benefit, you might need to supply a copy of your certificates for the benefits you’re receiving. However, you won’t need to provide any medical evidence if your medical condition is already on the list of qualifying medical conditions. In case, you have a rare condition which isn’t mentioned on the list but it needs excess water usage, you will need to provide certificates from your doctor to show how your condition is being treated and how does it affect your water usage.

What happens when you’re eligible for the Watersure scheme?

Once you’re qualified for the scheme, the adjustments will be made forward from your next billing period in which you’d applied. In case, your water and sewerage services are provided by separate companies, your water company is supposed to inform your sewerage company about this scheme added on your bill and the sewerage company will then adjust its charges according to the benefits given to you.
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