Documentary of the early Aliens

An email dated August 6, 1915, written by Bob Fish (NASA historian and curator turned into a US aircraft carrier museum USS Hornet) and sent to John Podesta (former adviser to Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, who is currently the chairman of the electoral campaign of Hillary Clinton in the presidential election).

This document describes the Fish conversation that took place between members of the government programs of defense satellites (Defense Satellite Program, DSP) of the last appearances fast Volker OV. According to Fish, the UFOs came from unknown regions of outer space: 
"One of these cases led to a special program member delight (he was able to remove fast Volker, apparently, on the same day). He described how UFO in Area 51 entered the Earth's atmosphere of "deep space" (where exactly he came, of course, unknown, but it is clear from the back of the satellite) and the path was fixed satellite, owned by the DSP program." 

Of course, this email - just a word, no one disputes, and Fish, apparently, understands that blurry photos and crop circles general public are unlikely ever to be taken seriously. In another letter, dated August 5, 1915, Fish Podesta wrote about the alien invasion and necessity of significant scientific evidence for the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence:

"We need to gather credible scientific data and distribute them in the community. Within the United States, such information has existed for many years and is still available for those who know where to look and what to look for. "

Some of these were sent an email to journalist Leslie Kean, dealing with their investigation related to UFOs and advocating for open government in this matter. We know that Keane has accused the government of concealing information about the appearance fast role ROV in the past.
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