How Blog Commenting Makes You A Better Blogger?

Gaining more web traffic is one of the biggest dreams of a blogger. Every blogger keep on working hard on their blog every day in order to increase their website subscribers and for gaining more loyal readers. You should know that blog commenting is one of the best ways by which you can achieve success easily without working hard on your blog. Keep scrolling down and know how blog commenting helps you making your blog successful?

How Blog Commenting Makes You A Better Blogger?

If you are a blogger then you have surely heard that blogging is all about sharing knowledge with people on a particular niche and providing them with appropriate solutions. But you should better know that blogging is more beyond helping people by sharing knowledge. 

There’s no doubt that blogging is an amazing way for sharing one’s knowledge globally but it also helps you making your own unique identity online. Not only that much but through blogging, you can easily get connected to a large number of people and build a great relationship with other like-minded people. And that’s how blog commenting comes into action. By leaving comments on other bloggers blog you can easily grab their attention and build a good relationship with them. 

Building a good relationship with other bloggers and like-minded people is one of the biggest benefits of blog commenting but is that it? That’s the only thing why one should start commenting on other blogs? 

Nope! there are plenty more advantages and reasons which can help you making you a successful blogger. Below I’m sharing some of the most important and famous reasons of blog commenting. So, Let’s get started:- 

9 Most Important Benefits Of Blog Commenting

1. In Building Good Relationships

As I have already said it above that blog commenting on different blogs helps you grabbing other bloggers attention which can help you in a long run. 

But do remember that do not ever leave blog comments just for sake of commenting. Always read the complete article before leaving any kind of blog comments. Reading few line and leaving comments might make your comment look spammy sometimes. By sharing some interesting facts, errors in blog posts or simply giving quality feedback to blog post surely helps you in grabbing reader’s attention. By this thing, you will not only build your positive image but will also get appreciations for your comment.

2. Building More Quality Backlinks

By leaving comments on popular blogs you can easily build some quality backlinks to your blog. It doesn’t matter that you get a dofollow or nofollow blog link, but you will surely get benefits from your comment.

If you get a dofollow link then that’s great but if it doesn’t give you a dofollow backlink then you should not try to put any kind of links in your comment otherwise you may also get penalized for doing such activities. 

3. Expanding Your Social Network

Blog commenting helps you to interact with other like-minded people and expand your social network. Expanding social network helps you getting more blog visitors and attracting more sponsors towards your blog. Not only that but it also make a good relationship between the blog post author and you. 

4. Driving More Web Traffic 

If you are leaving a valuable feedback or suggestion in the comment section of a blog post then I guarantee you that you will surely get a good amount of traffic through that blog. This is one of the most popular reasons why bloggers love to put comments on other blogs. 

Make it a habit of firstly reading the article nicely and then try to give some suggestions, tips, tricks or any other kind of valuable feedback and then see the traffic flow on your blog. It will be great if you will be the first one to drop your valuable comment. 

5. Improving Website SEO Score 

As the number of backlinks will be increased, you will gain more loyal visitors for your blog and that’s how your blog traffic will be increased. If people will start recognizing your blog then automatically search engine will put your blog links in higher positions in search results. Therefore, more blog comments give your more backlinks to your blog and if you will have more backlinks to your blog then automatically your website search engine optimization i.e, SEO score will be increased. 

6. Attracts Guest Posts & Other Offers

It is also possible that other bloggers visit your blog through dofollow links. By considering your blog stats, those bloggers might want to connect their blog with your blog by writing a guest post on your blog. This is how you can gain a number of loyal readers which will automatically increase your blog's trust flow.

7. Helps You In Learning New Things 

As I have already told you that do not leave a comment on a blog post just for sake of leaving blog comments. Firstly, read the article completely and then share your personal views on that particular blog post. 

As you will be reading the complete blog post for leaving your valuable feedback, you will start gaining more and more knowledge which can easily make your blog grow. 

8. Improves Your Writing Skills

By following top bloggers in your niche and by observing their way of writing and how they present a topic for putting a good comment helps you improving your writing skills too. 

Daily practice of reading such blog posts and leaving comments will surely be going to pay you good in future. 

9. Gaining More Subscribers 

Do you know that you can also gain or build your email list by doing proper blog commenting? You can easily convert readers which you get from blog commenting into your subscribers by offering them high-quality blog content. 

Offer them any kind of freebie or a free ebook so that they do subscribe to your newsletter. 


So, these were some of the most common reasons why we should make blog commenting our daily practice. Though there are many other advantages of doing blog commenting like increasing page authority, Domain authority, Making blog more search engine friendly etc. 

That’s all with this article. If you have any type of doubt or want to give your valuable feedback then feel free to use the below comment section. At last, kindly share this article with your social networks and let them know how blog commenting makes them a better blogger in their blogging niche… :-) 
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