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Best Free iPhone Apps for 2018

James Carlsen
Written by James Carlsen

Today, Apple has become one of the leading brands in terms of technological gadgets in India. Its sale has reached around 10 million over a year. Apple has become the consumer’s foremost choice in mobile phones (iPhone) and netbooks (Macbook).

Apple has been successful even selling its old models in a profitable manner because of its strong backward software compatibility. iOS of Apple iPhones provides you with millions of applications which can be selected by customers as per their wish and requirements. Navigation of iOS app store in order to look for the best apps is very laborious at times. After browsing untiredlessly we have selected some of the best free iPhone apps of 2018 which are listed below:

  • Tossup – This application is best iPhone app of 2018 in terms of easily coordinating with large group of people. The app links the user with any social networking site which he/she is using. The app is easy to use. User can simply asks a question to multiple people at a time and can arrange the meeting accordingly. User can also check nearby restaurants, bars and hotels along with their operating hours. This is the best get together iPhone app of 2018.

  • Musify – Musify is the best free iOS app of 2018 in terms of music. The app provides its user with unlimited choice of MP3 which the user can enjoy free. The user can even create playlist of his choice of music in which he can put infinite number of MP3s that too without any charges. The app lets the music to be played in background without affecting other works which can be done simultaneously on your iPhone like chatting or reading. The app also supports airplay. To be very precise this musical app is the best iPhone app of 2018 in music category.

  • Adobe Photoshop Express – Adobe Photoshop express lets the user to do digital editing of their photographs via iphone only instead of using desktops and laptops. This latest photo-editing app also helps in reducing noise i.e. extraneous particles present on the photographs. The app is best suited for doing light editing to your photography.

  • Asana – Asana has been known to be the best productivity iphone app of 2018. The user can manage the daily meetings and appointments easily with this app.

  • Buzz Feed News – BuzzFeed News is an iOS new app launched this year only by BuzzFeed. This app lets the user to remain updated with news around the world. You can read any category of news using this app like business related, politics, science & technology, entertainment and all. This app lets it’s users to setup alerts for big stories. Users can even share stories of their choice using this app. The best part of this application is that it highlights latest stories of renowned newspapers around the world like the Guardian, The Hindu and many more.

  • Microsoft Outlook – With this app Microsoft has extended its market as per their user’s requirements. The app is compatible for both IPhones as well as IPads. Micosoft outlook is a free emailing app with unique features of attaching text, pictures and links automatically. The app comes with some extra features also like calendar, new default sounds and also the user can even swipe the navigation for both calendar and mails. The app has win over the hearts of its users and has become the best iPhone app of 2018 in terms of email services.

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