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21 Best off Page SEO Activities Every SEO do

James Carlsen
Written by James Carlsen

Search engine optimization is now a big where you only can research about best techniques for promoting your website or your blogs and many other things. Search engine optimization can offer you various types of On page and Off page SEO activities. With the help of them you can enjoy too much traffic on your website.

Here I am going to tell you the best off page SEO activities which can help you to improve traffic on your webpage.

1. Blog post – Guys just make a blog with relating to your Niche website and believe me it will help you to increase the traffic. As blogs are one of the most reliable sources for knowledge, it will definitely help you.

2. Press release submission – there are lot off things to tell to users about your business. As you released your news it will increase your visibility on internet.

3. Submit your article – submit your industry related articles in regularly crawled directories and you will get benefits from it as you will find a backlink from them.

4. Blog posting as a guest – guys just submit your blog as a guest in high PR websites and ping there your own website. You will get high traffic through these High PR sites.

5. Infographics creation – use infographics on your web page and get benefit, because search engine such as Google sometime use the image captions to crawl a websites. It will surely help you to create a buzz in the market.

6. Social bookmarking – key factor in off page SEO techniques. Just share your web page on different social network platform and get traffic on your website through these platforms. As we know peoples all around the world are using social network, so why not to take advantage from this.

7. Submit your review – it is something by which you can update your product review on various high PR site, hence you will get extra traffic and backlink.

8. Directory submission – submit your web page on High PR directories so that search engine can easily find you on those websites.

9. Classified submission – submit your web page classified advertisement on highly used websites, so that your web page can notify by peoples when they are using another website.

10. Blog comment – that is one of the best way to increase your traffic. You can comment on various blog relating with your industry and can ping your web page there.

11. Question and answers – you can use various question answer websites such as quora, Yahoo answer to advertise your own page.

12. Forum posting – you can create a forum regarding your industry where you can connect with many peoples directly.

13. Forum comment – another way of using a forum is you can comment on any forum which is related to your website and ping your original website.

14. Submit your webpage on search engine – use various search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing to submit your website.

15. Cross linking – just create internal links on your website, so it will increase internal link popularity. You can take example of Wikipedia for this cross linking technique.

16. Use Yellow Pages sites – definitely it will improve your traffic if you list your website on local Yellow Pages service websites.

17. Share your document – share your document such as information brochures on such websites like Slide Shares, so that you can find a backlink by this.

18. Pay per click advertisement – you just need to pay for this but the benefit you will get from this, you can’t find from anywhere.

19. Link Baiting – this is the way by which you can force other peoples to link with your websites. You just need to add very unique content on your web page.

20. Link exchange – find some similar niche websites and you can ask them for exchange the websites link.

21. Photo sharing – every time use different images and share the URL of these images on different photo sharing sites.

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