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4 Must Have E-Commerce Website Features

James Carlsen
Written by James Carlsen

The past few years, the face of website designing has been transformed completely. Simple designing process have been replaced by special ecommerce website designing methodologies. However, it is not as simple as it seems because the designing process for ecommerce websites depend on the business goals and market strategies. It is imperative to study competition among major candidates and the market strategy before actually proceeding with the designing and development fundamentals.

Online shopping sites not only exist holding the company’s brochure with an internet shopping cart, but revolve around an artistic approach to present the online visitors all the required information they are looking for products and services. Your website must have the power to make the users understand what you are selling or offering them. The purpose of your web portal must be clear withing seconds of browsing and hence, designing must be done with expertise to create impressive websites which is also easy to use.

Briefly it can be said that discriminating features must be added to an ecommerce website which list as given below:

Logo: Clear and remarkable logo is must in any of such online portals. Recognizable and assuring logo is an element of trust in online shopping. Fashionable home page with distinguishing logo is the most suitable start for any online site.

Special lucrative offers: People decide within seconds whether they are interested in your website or not so your web portal must be incorporated with eye-catching offers in form of shopping deals and discount offers. It’s very common to see people loosing their mind during a sale or discount offers to buy some of the items which they were not really and initially interested in. Battle can also be won with free shipping offers, unique pricing and other alluring offers. Placing such things on the upper part of website you can easily grab attention of the online visitors.

User-friendly features: Shopping cart, login, and search box are some of the features which make an ecommerce website highly accessible and user-friendly. Offering a private account to the users enable them to keep track of their previous as well as new purchase and it makes sense if you really wish to retain your customers.

Clarification in payment options: E-Commerce websites deal with countless numbers of customers residing all across the globe. These web users have their own preferred payment options and system. However, there may be technical limitations to payment methods as well and in this case proper clarification should be given in advance. It saves the visitors from unnecessary hassles and ultimately adds to your reliability.

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