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Google Panda is now integrated to Core Ranking Algorithm of Google

James Carlsen
Written by James Carlsen

That is what this search engine giant declared on last weekend. Yes guys you heard it right, last weekends Page Ranking Fluctuations are due to this reasons. Officially it was declared by Google Authorities on Twitter that the search engine is changed its criteria by adding the Google Panda algorithm to their Core Ranking filter.

@jenstar yes, the changes you saw are part of a core algo update. @Missiz_Z is right almost always, you shan’t need my confirmation

— Gary Illyes (@methode) January 12, 2016

Now the importance of content is increased. It was also confirmed that there is no Penguin Updates in this weekend. This news is like a refresher to all the SEO’s in the world.

@dawnieando It’s not penguin; not “confirmed-ish” just “confirmed” :-).

— John Mueller (@JohnMu) January 12, 2016

Panda is an algorithm which followed the criteria according to the quality of content. It decreased the page rank of a website whose content does not follow the panda algorithm so that automatically the page rank of good quality content websites will increase. That is what was observed by the users from last week.

There is also confirmation about the real-time work of that algorithm. Peoples think that Google panda is started to work on real-time but it is not true guys. It only starts to filter the content of websites. This is also cleared by the Google that websites which had proper content related to the websites core theme then, they will not change its Page Rank. Websites which had problems with the language and quality of their content can suffer from this Core Ranking Algorithm integration of Google.

This is also possible that there will no update in the Panda Algorithm and latest version will remain Panda 4.2 till next some months.

Effect of this Core Ranking Update is that now website owners need to be very cautious about their content, they need to ensure that the quality of content is according to the core algorithms of this search engine.

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