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How to increase your website visitors!

How to increase your website visitors
James Carlsen
Written by James Carlsen

There are many different ways, following which traffic on your website can be increased by attracting people. This can be possible by pasting eye-catching photos that wonders others and readers can stay on your site and share more your content on social media. If your title is seen with a strong image, you will get more clicks and can generate a traffic just as on Facebook. There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars to pay for stock of photos but you can get stock of attractive images at no cost.

Elements that must involve:

  • Primary goal must be clear
  • Content must clear that how it can help the audience.
  • Posting frequency must be shown
  • Content must be amplified.

To diversify traffic on your website you must know the essential things how can you make it possible because of failure of your primary source is failure of your business.

Website traffic importance:

Website traffic is an important driver and indicator of business growth. It helps you by watching how well your marketing is working. It gathers the audience to make decisions about your website, also generate more leads, increase the conversions and provide more customers.

There are about 1.24 billion of websites in whole world. Which means there is a lot of competition and your goal is not to attract all visitors but is to attract more people in your target website.

There are some other ways using which we can attract the audience:

Online Advertisement:

This is the basic way of attracting most of people to visit your website. Social media and advertising display are the most simple and excellent channels for advertisements for boosting the website traffic. Be careful about your objectives before you use your credit card to pay to channel because each channels has pros and cons.


Headlines of any contents are most important part. One must be master of writing headlines because even the most comprehensive and attractive blog post will go unread if it does not have compelling headlines. So before publishing a content, headlines must be read carefully and checked for plagiarism with any super plagiarism checking tool .

Implementing schema:

Implementing schema does not increase your website traffic but make it easy for search engine to find your pages.

Analysis of data:

Closely analyze your data by using Google Analytic. Then use such information to inform your content strategies. Then pay attention that which pages and posts are proved more attractive. To know that from where and how your site can from you must inspect the visitor data.

Stay active on social media:

Social media is most quick source as a broadcast channel. Use Twitter, actively participate in community and share your content through other social channels.

Knowing about competition:

You are at a huge disadvantage if do not use BuzzSumo software or any other to check that your competitors are at which level. You must find out which kind of content people like to read on website.

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