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How to Merge Multiple sites into a Single Website Without Affecting SEO: Key Points by John Mueller

How to Merge Multiple Website
James Carlsen
Written by James Carlsen

John Mueller, a prominent voice for Google, stays busy answering questions posted by webmasters. Whether it’s on Twitter, online forums, or even conferences, he works hard to keep SEO experts and webmasters updated on Google’s changes, helping in any way that he can. However, when it comes to personalized advice, he typically provides short responses. For that reason, many people turn to a professional SEO firm that can expound on information offered by Mueller.

A few months ago, Mueller offered five points on a Google Webmaster Help thread. Entitled “It’s lonely on the last page of Google,” his advice was so good that one webmaster followed it to a tee for merging four domains into one. However, that webmaster is still waiting to see results.

Here we are outlined the five points provided by Mueller to Merge Multiple sites into a Single Website Without Affecting SEO.

  1. Webmasters make several noteworthy changes with a collection of websites, some with redirect domains. Although merging sites takes considerable time, a clean and consistent merge will simplify the process. Instead of having a few redirect domains, he suggests redirecting all of them. Mueller also advises that webmasters crawl all old domain URLs. Ultimately, you should do things the right way to avoid a lengthy process.
  1. Mueller also recommended making the appropriate changes. For instance, putting headings in text as opposed to images will help significantly. While a few small formats may not stand out, collectively, people will quickly identify them. Simple changes can go a long way in making a site more efficient.
  1. Even with a clean website, webmasters face stiff competition when going up against big players. To gain an advantage, focus on a niche within the primary niche. Ultimately, people will search for the right site as opposed to a cheap version.
  1. For links to a site the webmaster wants to have eliminated from Google’s algorithms, the disavow file is a viable solution. As an example, webmasters can remove the link target page in some instances.
  1. It can take upward of 12 months for Google’s algorithms to reflect the clean-up of link issues. Remember, because the algorithms already try to ignore links, webmasters will not see a dramatic improvement in ranking after eliminating problems. However, the cleanup process does make it easier for Google to trust the website at some point.

If you need more information on this topic or assistance optimizing your website, read on the Google forums.

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