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Lets Knows about How to Use WhatsApp on Your Computer or Laptop.

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This is the time to inform you that Whatsapp launched its Desktop version officially for their 700 million active users. Now Whatsapp users can use their Whatsapp account on PC and laptop. This new service of Whatsapp is launched with the name of ‘Whatsapp web’ or ‘Whatsapp mirror’.

What is the new version?
The newer version of Whatsapp is just an extension of the mobile version. To use this you will not have to download any software to your system. With a special trick a copy of your Whatsapp account will configure in your computer and after that you can use it in your system or laptop with mobile as well.

How to Configure:

1). First of all update your Whatsapp version:

To use the Whatsapp web service on your system first of all you have to install the updated version of Whatsapp into your mobile. IOs and Apple user’s can’t use that service right now.

2). Go to Whatsapp website:

After updating the Whatsapp mobile version user have to browse its official website at-

This can be used only in Chrome browser other browsers will not support Whatsapp web client.

3). Scan your QR code and Select settings on WhatsApp Web:

For Android-
Whatsapp> Menu> Whastapp web

For BlackBerry-
Whatsapp> Chats> Menu key> Whastapp web

For Windows-
Whatsapp> Menu> Whastapp web

4). After this, scan the QR code with website from your desktop and capture the QR code with the help of your phone while using the Whatsapp.

As the QR code will scan with the phone camera, the Whatsapp data will link to your browser.

Is it Dangerous for Privacy?

The privacy of the users of the web client may also be at risk. Suppose someone takes our phone for two minutes and in meanwhile he can activate your web client by scanning your QR code, and can access full details and massages of that person on his desktop.
With the help of this service we can trace the person, where is he. For that you have to take the help of Google map. You can’t login simultaneously on two different computers.

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