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5 Most Popular SEO Tools That Smartly Manage Website Speed

Popular SEO Tools That Smartly Manage Website Speed
James Carlsen
Written by James Carlsen

Have you ever wondered why certain companies achieve great online success? Not only do they sell incredible products and services, but they also rely on professional SEO developers and marketers. If you want to gain an edge over your competition, you can. By hiring the right SEO optimization company, you will quickly begin to notice a vast improvement in many different areas.

Benefits of Fast-Loading Pages

For instance, a respected search engine optimization company will make sure that all your pages load fast. As part of professional web design and development services, an expert pays a lot of attention to website speed and navigation. When those two aspects of your site perform optimally, your visitors will have a better experience. The more positive that is, the higher chance of them returning and telling others about your online business.

Especially when it comes to website speed, if you do not have a handle on this, you will find it difficult, if not impossible, to succeed. When people discover your site in the search results, they expect your landing page to open immediately after clicking on the URL. If that page loads slowly, they will lose patience and interest. They will respond by backing out and clicking on the next site in the search results. Website speed also affects pages within your website. Even if people get to your homepage without an issue, if they have to wait for other pages to load, again, they will give up and go somewhere else. A trusted search engine optimization company will review your site and pages to find the problem. From there, an expert will take the correct action to ensure that every page loads fast regardless of the browser.

Top 5 Favorite Tools

Following are five of the most popular SEO tools that professionals depend on for accomplishing that goal.

  1. Page Insights – This Google tool is also one of the top choices for professional developers and marketers. For this search engine giant, the faster the speed, the happier it is. As mentioned, fast-loading pages provide users with a positive experience. At the same time, they will help you maintain or improve your Google ranking. Page Insights measures your site’s overall speed, which then gets broken down into manageable pieces. (Google PageSpeed Insight)
  1. Pingdom – This high-tech solution works by breaking down the load time for every aspect of your website. That allows the SEO expert to identify the script, code, or image responsible for pages loading slowly. (Pingdom Website Speed Test)
  1. Load Impact – What makes this website speed tool unique is that it simulates virtually thousands of people visiting your site at once. With that, this tool determines if your site can handle the load and respond correctly. With pings coming from 10 different locations, as well as browsers and mobile networks, this tool mimics a real-life spike of traffic. The SEO optimization company you hire will make updates as needed, so that if that happened, your site would load quickly and not crash. (Load Impact)
  1. WhichLoadsFaster – When the focus is on determining if you or your top competitors have faster websites, this is the best tool. By pitting your site against a rival’s site, you will know which one has pages that load the quickest. If your website comes in second, the SEO expert will make the necessary changes. (Which Load Faster)
  1. Bitcatcha Server Speed Checker – Although this tool checks the speed of your server, its primary goal is to make sure your foundation is as strong as it can be. With this, an SEO expert will measure your server response time by pinging it from eight unique locations from all over the world. That time is then measured to determine performance level. Because Google stated it prefers a server response time of 200 ms, the company providing web design and development services will aim for that goal. (Bitcatcha)

The tools that the best companies use accomplish two primary goals. First, they manage the speed of your server, and second, they determine the impact of data loads, including code, media, images, web design, plugins, and so on. Those two things combined get tweaked accordingly so that users reach your website quickly and that you rank higher in search results.

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