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Twitter Promote Mode: A New Way to Run Automated Ads

Twitter Promote Mode ads
James Carlsen
Written by James Carlsen

If you have a smaller brand or business, Twitter just rolled out a new promotional ad service called Promote Mode. As a subscriber, you pay only $99 per month and, in return, you get as many as 10 promoted tweets daily. Automatically, this ad service helps your tweets reach a much broader audience. Along with standard pay-per-click services, you will benefit greatly with Twitter’s Promote Mode.

Although the Promote Mode ad service helps everyone, it is especially beneficial if you have up to 2,000 followers. By providing continuous results, you can quickly grow your Twitter presence. With this automated service, you tweet just like you usually do, but because this service is always on, it publishes content, product, brand, and company updates more efficiently.

When using Promote Mode to tweet, whatever you promote becomes an ad, whether it’s media, links, updates, or more. Once enabled, your first 10 tweets go into a Promoted Tweets campaign, which specifically reaches your target audience. Keep in mind that those tweets must pass Twitter’s quality filter, and the extent to which the tweets get promoted depends on their performance.

Ranked among the best new pay-per-click advertising services, Promote Mode works incredibly well for attracting new followers when you run a Promoted Account Campaign. According to Twitter, not only can you expect your account to reach upward of 30,000 more people, but also, you can add 30 new followers monthly. Again, overall performance varies based on your type of account, the type and frequency of your tweets, and your targeted selection.

Although you cannot choose the tweets that you want to promote, if you go to the “Subscription” menu and toggle the “Promotion Status” slider, you can pause a promotion. Until you toggle back on, no new tweets get promoted. Whether toggled on or off, Promote Mode excludes some things in its promotion campaign, including quote tweets, replies, and retweets.

The dashboard features a blue bar that indicates the number of days in the current 30-day promoting period, but by clicking on the back arrow, you can also see activity for the past promotion period. You can also see how many people viewed your tweets, your organic reach, promoted reach, the number of tweets promoted within any given day, and the number of followers you gained.

Getting Professional Assistance

Promote Mode offers much more, all geared toward marketing your product or brand with more efficient tweets. As a trusted pay per click marketing firm, MacRAE’S Marketing can help you with this Twitter ad service or any other of your SEO needs.

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