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What are long tail keyword and how can they help drive better ranking?

long tail keyword
Written by Nancy Lamas

Ranking from using common keywords can be a bit tough, especially if you have small startup business. In order to get profit from a keyword, focusing on long keyword strategy is vital. You should have a clear vision of your business, product and services and website. Long-tail keywords have a great capability of increasing traffic and conversion of the website quickly.

What are long-tail keywords?

Long tail keywords are specified keywords that are usually longer. They don’t get searched much because they are precise and unique. Long tail keywords get less traffic but a higher conversion rate. They are directly targeted at the audience which brings quality traffic on the website. Most long-tail keywords consist of two or three words, though you’re going to drive less traffic but the traffic you drive will be targeted, focused and will drive committed people that will actively increase your conversion rate.

The experts from the Digital Marketing agency in Singapore suggests the longer and specific the keywords are the higher chance of conversion are.

How can long-tail keywords boost traffic and better ranking?

Choosing long-tail keywords will help you gain targeted audience who are interested in your product and services. Let’s see how long-tail keywords can improve ranking.

  1. Ranking gets easy

Ranking with long-tail keyword is easily achievable. You’ll get fewer clicks but you’ll gain the fewer ones in your particular niche. For instance, it can be hard to rank Italian but relatively easy to rank Italian restaurant in Dubai.

  1. Targeted audience

Since it’s less competitive and there’s limited competition, long-tail keywords can help drive the targeted audience that will willingly make a commitment or a purchase form you. They come to your site as they’re looking for something and when they find what they’re looking for they tend to make a purchase.

  1. Affordable advertising cost

Advertising long tail keywords with Google AdWords will gain you more visibility returns on your site. Competitive keywords have a high cost per click whereas keywords that are less competitive are cheaper, targeted, and affordable. Google AdWords is a great tool that will help you find a keyword in your category. It will help you suggest a keyword in your niche and tell you all the details about it.

Target the right long-tail keywords

Before getting started with the keyword selection, you first need to get a clear understanding of what your company offers to the people. Then you need to decide to target the audience in your niche. If your business aims at targeting food joints it should be targeted on finding “restaurants in Chicago” to find the desired results.

There are certain tips that should be kept in mind when you’re selecting the keywords and making sure they are used in the right manner.

  • Select keywords naturally

Selecting the keywords in your category improves your website ranking, which will lead to better ranking for your ad campaign. Keywords should be adjusted creatively and relevantly to drive the right kind of visitors.

  • Placement of your keywords in content

Preferably, the keyword should be placed on the page title, sub-headers or first paragraph. It’s better to include the keyword in the first paragraph of your content.

Next thing you need to produce content related to your search term and make it appealing for the readers to read. Quality content and right keyword can bring value to your search engine ranking. When potential clients will search for a related keyword, they will link to your site and help you stay ahead.

Bottom line

Keywords are a crucial element of SEO field. If you own a small business and you’re eagerly waiting to see yourself ahead in the market, then you need to focus on switching to long-tail keywords. Pick a long-tail keyword and place it in your content or ads creatively to win better search ranking and greater conversion rate with a lower cost per click.

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